Sunday, August 5, 2012

She Has Changed

My Mistress/Wife has been reading 50 Shades of Grey and cannot put it down. She arrived home yesterday and allowed me to smell her feet and lick them clean. And that was all i got. She then informed me that she has fully embraced her domme side and accepts me fully as her inferior servant. I was then told that she will be bringing back corporal punishment in the form of her horse whip or the cane. While this excites m senses on some levels, it terrifies me as those instruments hurt a great deal. My Wife informed me that i am to remain caged at all times and that she and Craig decided that it will be at least 6 months before i am allowed to release. I have no choice but to comply and obey. This is what i always have dreamed of. This morning my wife pulled me aside and tore a strip off me for doing something incorrectly in the laundry room. She slapped my face hard and told me to kiss her feet and apologize. I did this at once. SHe has changed so much from a year ago when it was hard for her to even ask me to do her a chore without saying, " honey could you do me a favor" to now where she kicks up her bare feet and says, " servant get this or do that". I love this version of my Wife and Mistress. I have always felt inferior to Her and that i should be her door mat , foot cleaner, shoe and boot licker and shipping boy. Now that she has a real boy friend in her life, I will get the full joys of slavery, cuckolding, humiliation, degradation and ownership.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wife in Oregon

My Wife is away this weekend in Oregon with Master Craig. He is at a conference there and so She wanted to take the chance to spend some extended time with her lover. So last week she ordered me to book her a flight and a room at the Hotel where he was to be working. Of course i was delighted to do this for my Mistress and owner. More and more she is becoming crueler and more demeaning. It makes me lover her even more. The more she treats me like a slave, i find myself wanting to love her more and serve her more. She texted me today about her flight info as she will be flying back tonight. She has made it very clear that i am to have all my chores done and that I will get nothing tonight except her stinky feet to lick clean. She also told me that she is thinking of giving the key to my CB 6000 to Master Craig. That would be awful in some ways and so humiliating. But as her lowly servant I simply thanked Her and will hope for the best. I do realize that Master Craig is my superior so it makes it easier in that respect. i Asked her today how long i will have my device on and she laughed and said that her nad Master Craig discussed it.......6 months!!!! I am astounded and humiliated and i feel so good!!!! She really treats me like dirt and have always wanted that. She is so gorgeous and all i deserve are her feet and ass to clean. I cant wait to see and serve her tonight. servant hubby

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pangs of Guilt Be Gone

As I was massaging Mistress' feet, she said at times she feels a little guilty having so much fun and making me toil so much. But then she smiled and told me she had an idea. She said that she needs to come up with many vile humiliating things for me to do so that she can feel even better about using me as her personal slave. I accepted this and she told me to come up with 15 specific things I could do for her that are completely humiliating and vile. I am to present this list to her in a weeks time. She came up with one to start me off. "When you are in need of punishment, I will have Craig administer the cane or the whip to you servant while I kick up my feet and laugh". Yes, that is very humiliating not to mention probably very painful. But I will take the punishment and then thank Master Craig for making me a better more obedient servant. I would love some feedback on the items I can present to my Wife. Any ideas? I will post my list soon. Servant hubby

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Blue Boyz

Mistress L came home last night at 10 PM All my chores were done and kids in bed . As she walked up the stairs, I kneeled before Her foot stool. She smiled at me at admired her spotless home with many burning candles. She sat down took off her heels and proped up are bare feet on the foot stool then just pointed at her feet and said " Lick slave". Again I just obeyed and starred lapping it up. They were so filthy and she managed to get them terribly stinky too. She laughed as I licked and swallowed all of her foot dirt. It is my place as her lowly servant to do this. She then leaned over and pulled a pair of mens size 12 dress shoes. " When you are done save with my filthy feet, you need to lick Craig's shoes tops and bottoms". "Yes Mistress". She said she had a wonderful day with Master Craig and that he could do things I could never dream of. I offered an apology but my wife just said, "keep licking servant". Mistress L then told me just for good measure, I was to keep my cage on for 60 days straight. I love my Wife Servant hubby

Friday, July 6, 2012

TGIF Date Day

My beautiful Wife Mistress told me Thursday night that she would be going to see her Boyfreind Craig on Friday. Very excited humiliated and servile I found my thoughts. I asked her if she would be gone until evening. She responded, " Yes servant until around 8 PM. That should give you ample time to finish ALL the chores I will have for you LOL ". When she actually laughed out loud at me, I thought my member would explode in my CB 6000. I cannot adequately put into words how wonderfully excited I am that my Wife will be with her lover cumming multiple times while I am caged in chastity and scrubbing floors doing laundry and being a totally obedient servant slave husband . I asked my Wife playfully if I would be allowed any fun when she got back. She looked at me then smiled and said," You my servant, after your Master Craig fucks me good will get to lick and smell the bottoms of my stinky filthy soles". When she said that I only sensed how real my slavery is. I truly do adore it and my Mistress Owner Wife. As I type this post, I am at my office which is currently closed. I arrive early to do e mails faxes and catch up on other things. I hae a full schedule here then home to a list of chores. My Mistress uses an app from the Apple Store called home chores. About ten minutes ago I go an e mail from my Goddess. WTH the home chores app, one can export chores to an e mail. Tis is my list of chores I have to complete between 3 pm and 8 pm. Dust furniture Do three loads of laundry Vacuum rugs upstairs Clean hardwood floors downstairs by hand Do all dishes Prepare kids dinners. (spaghetti ) Clean both bathrooms Lick two pairs of Mistress L's flip flops clean Shine one pair of Master Craig's shoes It is a long list that will take me all of five hours to complete with no down time at all. I must have everything perfect of Mistress L has warned me my CB 6000 will stay on for 90 days. Usually I am required to wear it for 21 days straight then I am released for 36 hours. Being a servant and obedient to my Wife is the best my life could be . I look forward to when Mistress L gets home tonight and hearing about how her day was with Master Craig while I sit at her feet and lick them clean from heel to toe Servant hubby

Monday, June 25, 2012

Phone Call From Mr C

My Wife/ Mistress told me when she told Craig about our FLM, he couldn't believe it. He was thrilled that he could be with my Wife and that I wAs totally obedient to her. What he liked even more is that in time I would be of use to him domestically that is. He is a very happily married man, affluent, and handsome. My Mistress about one week ago gave me very specific instructions that if Craig calls me ( Mistress gave Craig my cell phone) that I wS to be be very respectful, courteous, and compliantly obedient to him. She also ordered me to address him as Master Craig. Now, part of what makes my life with Mistress so exciting is that I love to serve to be humbled to be humiliated and to be used by my gorgeous Wife. There is little that compares on the humiliation scale as having to address my Wife's lover as "Master". Nonetheless, I made an oath to myself that if Master Craig calls I will be very respectful to him and treat him as my better. I almost craved it at this point. My phone rang Sat afternoon and it showed up as blocked number. I usually never answer blocked numbers but I had a hunch to pick up. I picked up said hello, and he spoke back in a very matter of fact way. " Hi this is Craig, I wanted to let you know that I am very happy that you know your place servant and that you are totally ok with me and your wife seeing each other whenever we wish". " Of course Master Craig, whatever you and Mistress wish I will obey" I responded very humbly. He said " good I expect you to be respectful to me at all times and I want to know how you will show respect". I said theat I would always address him as Master Craig, I would bow to him, shine his shoes, do his dry cleaning wash his cars. He seemed to love my answers but he said, " There is one other thing I want you to do on a regular basis, and that is lick my feet from heel to toe while I sit on a couch with your Wife by my side" I swallowed and just said , " Yes Master Craig as you wish Master. He laughed and then said I was a good servant . And the line went dead. After the call I was tingly all over and I realized that I am a total slave for Mistress L and that I will soon be licking her lovers smelly feet. And that I have no choice but to obey toil and serve. My life could not be better and I am so grateful for Mistress L and her lover, Master Craig Servant hubby

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

For some people I suppose they make a big deal about Fathers Day. My kids wanted to get me a present and hugs and kisses which are always welcomed. But for me Fathers Day is trumped by, " Mistress' Day Every Day". So as I got up yesterday, I was careful not to wake my Wife. I got ready and went downstairs to prepare her breakfast and coffee. Kids were still sleeping so I had some time. In the past Mistress L would have said that due to Fathers Day, no work for her servant, which was completely born out of guilt. As I prepared the coffee, I noticed her note pad. On it was written " Tasks For Servant on Fathers Day". I became aroused! Even though it is my " Special Day", my adoring Wife realized her true nature was to have me cater to her and serve her. The list was not short. At the bottom of the list she informed me she was going shopping with some Gfs at them mall and to make sure there was enough money cleared on the AMEX card. As the house began to wake up my Wife came downstairs and gave me a kiss. She asked me if I saw my list. I replied in the affirmative. She told me make sure it all gets done and tht I would get a special treat later that night. My mind wondered what that could be. Therest of Fathers Day went smoothly. I did all my housework laundry washed her car and played with my kids. When Mistress L arrived home I carried in all of her shopping bags and made her some tea. She sat in the lounge chair and said how exhausted she was then laughed at me. She told me to come over to her kneel and remove her flip flops. As I did I instantly became hard. Her size 10 feet were so stinky and dirty. She smiled at me and simply said, "Lick Servant". I went to work. I looked at her lovingly cruel face and she said after I do one more thing, I can have the rest of the day off to watch sports. After her feet were cleaned her only other order was, " Servant I will be in Vegas for my Birthday for two nights with Craig. Book my flight and hotel now and make sure it is a suite"! I nodded my head in total obedience to my Queen Mistress Owner and loving Wife. The torture is exquisite. Servant hubby

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Text From Mistress

Today while I was at the office my wife texted me that she was finding her new found Power a little uneasy at times. she asked me for patience and the proceeded to tell me that she called Mr C. I felt the bulge grow at once! I wS mixed with a little jealously but mainly an incredible urge to kiss her feet and ask her to give me more chores to do. But, I did not ask for more chores. Another text came from her about an hour later. It was was my list of chores fr the evening when I get home from work. It read as follows: Swifter all floors up stairs and down Vacuum all rugs Clean the kids bathrooms Do 2 loads of laundry Do dishes Massage Wife's feet for 30 minutes Well, I was astonished at how my Wife has just stepped into this dominant role. Now mind you, she does not bark orders or call me slave but she exerts her power well. And I find it incredibly sexy how comfortable she is with her being the Mistress and me being the slave. She feels perfectly fine to be with Mr C and have me humbly accept it. She then texted me that we will be having. Long talk tonight while I am massaging her feet. The discussion will be how our new lives will be S she sees Mr C on a more regular basis. I feel that my cage is coming back...... Servant hubby rob

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Servant at heart

I have always felt like a servant towards my beautiful Wife. She finally gets this but not with her head but with her heart and soul. She finally could release the fact that she wants to have a lover and have me be her servant. She has no real desire to do house cleaning yard work errands. Intuitively she wants to have freedom to do what she wants and also have me to do all the chores . She feels like a Queen and a mistress so why not behave like one. She asked me today " So if I call Mr C and plan a weekend away and tell you that you are to do all of these chores while I am having fun, what would your response be?". I calmly told her while on my knees, " Yes Mistress I will obey completely and kiss your feet in gratitude. She just smiled. She told me she really wants to continue this relationship with Mr C but the new part is that she will and wants me to be her total servant. I am a very happy man. I feel lighter and more energetic. Am grateful tommy Wife and Mistress. She has finally realized her dominance over me. Servant hubby

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From Guilt to Confidence

As we were having our morning coffee, I could tell that my Wife was still pre occupied with her secret that she kept for 15 years. When I asked her about it she replied that she knew I loved her and that I was not leaving. I asked her how this secret might in fact enhance her life or free her in a sense. Then she realized it---- that had I actually known that she was off having fun with her BF while I was toiling away, it would have been FUN for us both. I am tremendously devoted to my Wife and knowing she was with another man who pleasures her only makes me want to submit more and be more of a servant for her. In mind that is the way things should be. She relaxes has fun and I toil for her pleasure. She is starting to see this picture but from a platform of confidence not guilt. While we had tried in the past to have a wife led marriage where she kicks up her feet and makes me slave away, it never worked due in large part, to her guilt. Now that is gone. What is left is for us to explore and have fun with . As I looked at my Wife with her feet kicked up and relaxing sipping her coffee, I asked her if I could lick her feet for her. She smiled and then just pointed to her silly dirty soles . While I licked from heel to toe over and over, her whole demeanor changed. She smiled at me knowingly and then said that she was going to tell the housekeeper her services were no longer needed. She then went on to tell me that household chores were 100% my responsibility and that I will be a very busy man very soon. This of course was thrilling for me to hear. She said that she knew always she had it in her to by my Mistress and owner but that now she was free to do so. As we move slowly from step one to step two, I want to be very patient with my Queen. She needs love protection and total service and obedience from me. I will give it completely. For her I am a doormat. And without a doubt I hope that Mr C and her do get together again but this time with my Wife's knowledge that I know it, accept it and am grateful for it. Her soles are now clean. Servant hubby

Monday, May 28, 2012

A long Affair

My Wife told me two days ago that she has been seeing an old work mate of hers from 15 years ago. She felt badly and guilty that she has been with him on and off for so long. Now, this was news to me. In fact we had done the fantasy of role play and such but this was dead real. She had tears in her eyes and said that she did not want to lose me. It then became so clear why it had been so hard for her to accept me fully being her servant, waiting on her hand and foot and being her servant. About 5 years ago, we played what I thought was a fantasy of her going to Vegas to be with her boyfriend. She actually went, stayed for 3 nights but all fantasy. While she was there she gave me a long list of chores to do and take care of the kids. Only it was not fantasy/ She told me that was one of the many times she was with Mr C. As she told me this, i was very surprised but the emotions that came up were gratitude, relief, happiness. And I wanted to get on my knees and kiss the soles of her feet and thank her. The last couple of days we have talked seriously about getting back into the Wife Led Marriage as now she could do it guilt free. She said she would enjoy kicking up her feet and having me do all the work around the house. I feel that this HUGE secret she has kept( that is open now) will now finally allow us to have the type of marriage I so desire with my Wife. I want to know while I am at the office working hard for her and my kids, that she is not lifting a finger in the house. And that when I come back from work she EXPECTS me to work more for her while she relaxes as a Mistress should. When I asked if her relationship would continue, she adamantly said no. But I feel that afrter 15 years of having sex with her BF that it will not end. But this time as it continues, She will know that while she is with him, I will be toiling for her and when she arrives home, I will humbly lick the dirt from the soles of her feet. Servant Hubby with a new lease