Monday, June 25, 2012

Phone Call From Mr C

My Wife/ Mistress told me when she told Craig about our FLM, he couldn't believe it. He was thrilled that he could be with my Wife and that I wAs totally obedient to her. What he liked even more is that in time I would be of use to him domestically that is. He is a very happily married man, affluent, and handsome. My Mistress about one week ago gave me very specific instructions that if Craig calls me ( Mistress gave Craig my cell phone) that I wS to be be very respectful, courteous, and compliantly obedient to him. She also ordered me to address him as Master Craig. Now, part of what makes my life with Mistress so exciting is that I love to serve to be humbled to be humiliated and to be used by my gorgeous Wife. There is little that compares on the humiliation scale as having to address my Wife's lover as "Master". Nonetheless, I made an oath to myself that if Master Craig calls I will be very respectful to him and treat him as my better. I almost craved it at this point. My phone rang Sat afternoon and it showed up as blocked number. I usually never answer blocked numbers but I had a hunch to pick up. I picked up said hello, and he spoke back in a very matter of fact way. " Hi this is Craig, I wanted to let you know that I am very happy that you know your place servant and that you are totally ok with me and your wife seeing each other whenever we wish". " Of course Master Craig, whatever you and Mistress wish I will obey" I responded very humbly. He said " good I expect you to be respectful to me at all times and I want to know how you will show respect". I said theat I would always address him as Master Craig, I would bow to him, shine his shoes, do his dry cleaning wash his cars. He seemed to love my answers but he said, " There is one other thing I want you to do on a regular basis, and that is lick my feet from heel to toe while I sit on a couch with your Wife by my side" I swallowed and just said , " Yes Master Craig as you wish Master. He laughed and then said I was a good servant . And the line went dead. After the call I was tingly all over and I realized that I am a total slave for Mistress L and that I will soon be licking her lovers smelly feet. And that I have no choice but to obey toil and serve. My life could not be better and I am so grateful for Mistress L and her lover, Master Craig Servant hubby

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

For some people I suppose they make a big deal about Fathers Day. My kids wanted to get me a present and hugs and kisses which are always welcomed. But for me Fathers Day is trumped by, " Mistress' Day Every Day". So as I got up yesterday, I was careful not to wake my Wife. I got ready and went downstairs to prepare her breakfast and coffee. Kids were still sleeping so I had some time. In the past Mistress L would have said that due to Fathers Day, no work for her servant, which was completely born out of guilt. As I prepared the coffee, I noticed her note pad. On it was written " Tasks For Servant on Fathers Day". I became aroused! Even though it is my " Special Day", my adoring Wife realized her true nature was to have me cater to her and serve her. The list was not short. At the bottom of the list she informed me she was going shopping with some Gfs at them mall and to make sure there was enough money cleared on the AMEX card. As the house began to wake up my Wife came downstairs and gave me a kiss. She asked me if I saw my list. I replied in the affirmative. She told me make sure it all gets done and tht I would get a special treat later that night. My mind wondered what that could be. Therest of Fathers Day went smoothly. I did all my housework laundry washed her car and played with my kids. When Mistress L arrived home I carried in all of her shopping bags and made her some tea. She sat in the lounge chair and said how exhausted she was then laughed at me. She told me to come over to her kneel and remove her flip flops. As I did I instantly became hard. Her size 10 feet were so stinky and dirty. She smiled at me and simply said, "Lick Servant". I went to work. I looked at her lovingly cruel face and she said after I do one more thing, I can have the rest of the day off to watch sports. After her feet were cleaned her only other order was, " Servant I will be in Vegas for my Birthday for two nights with Craig. Book my flight and hotel now and make sure it is a suite"! I nodded my head in total obedience to my Queen Mistress Owner and loving Wife. The torture is exquisite. Servant hubby

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Text From Mistress

Today while I was at the office my wife texted me that she was finding her new found Power a little uneasy at times. she asked me for patience and the proceeded to tell me that she called Mr C. I felt the bulge grow at once! I wS mixed with a little jealously but mainly an incredible urge to kiss her feet and ask her to give me more chores to do. But, I did not ask for more chores. Another text came from her about an hour later. It was was my list of chores fr the evening when I get home from work. It read as follows: Swifter all floors up stairs and down Vacuum all rugs Clean the kids bathrooms Do 2 loads of laundry Do dishes Massage Wife's feet for 30 minutes Well, I was astonished at how my Wife has just stepped into this dominant role. Now mind you, she does not bark orders or call me slave but she exerts her power well. And I find it incredibly sexy how comfortable she is with her being the Mistress and me being the slave. She feels perfectly fine to be with Mr C and have me humbly accept it. She then texted me that we will be having. Long talk tonight while I am massaging her feet. The discussion will be how our new lives will be S she sees Mr C on a more regular basis. I feel that my cage is coming back...... Servant hubby rob

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Servant at heart

I have always felt like a servant towards my beautiful Wife. She finally gets this but not with her head but with her heart and soul. She finally could release the fact that she wants to have a lover and have me be her servant. She has no real desire to do house cleaning yard work errands. Intuitively she wants to have freedom to do what she wants and also have me to do all the chores . She feels like a Queen and a mistress so why not behave like one. She asked me today " So if I call Mr C and plan a weekend away and tell you that you are to do all of these chores while I am having fun, what would your response be?". I calmly told her while on my knees, " Yes Mistress I will obey completely and kiss your feet in gratitude. She just smiled. She told me she really wants to continue this relationship with Mr C but the new part is that she will and wants me to be her total servant. I am a very happy man. I feel lighter and more energetic. Am grateful tommy Wife and Mistress. She has finally realized her dominance over me. Servant hubby