Monday, June 25, 2012

Phone Call From Mr C

My Wife/ Mistress told me when she told Craig about our FLM, he couldn't believe it. He was thrilled that he could be with my Wife and that I wAs totally obedient to her. What he liked even more is that in time I would be of use to him domestically that is. He is a very happily married man, affluent, and handsome. My Mistress about one week ago gave me very specific instructions that if Craig calls me ( Mistress gave Craig my cell phone) that I wS to be be very respectful, courteous, and compliantly obedient to him. She also ordered me to address him as Master Craig. Now, part of what makes my life with Mistress so exciting is that I love to serve to be humbled to be humiliated and to be used by my gorgeous Wife. There is little that compares on the humiliation scale as having to address my Wife's lover as "Master". Nonetheless, I made an oath to myself that if Master Craig calls I will be very respectful to him and treat him as my better. I almost craved it at this point. My phone rang Sat afternoon and it showed up as blocked number. I usually never answer blocked numbers but I had a hunch to pick up. I picked up said hello, and he spoke back in a very matter of fact way. " Hi this is Craig, I wanted to let you know that I am very happy that you know your place servant and that you are totally ok with me and your wife seeing each other whenever we wish". " Of course Master Craig, whatever you and Mistress wish I will obey" I responded very humbly. He said " good I expect you to be respectful to me at all times and I want to know how you will show respect". I said theat I would always address him as Master Craig, I would bow to him, shine his shoes, do his dry cleaning wash his cars. He seemed to love my answers but he said, " There is one other thing I want you to do on a regular basis, and that is lick my feet from heel to toe while I sit on a couch with your Wife by my side" I swallowed and just said , " Yes Master Craig as you wish Master. He laughed and then said I was a good servant . And the line went dead. After the call I was tingly all over and I realized that I am a total slave for Mistress L and that I will soon be licking her lovers smelly feet. And that I have no choice but to obey toil and serve. My life could not be better and I am so grateful for Mistress L and her lover, Master Craig Servant hubby


  1. Very interesting you want to serve your Wive's lover as well. That is a boundary I have nor as my Wife ever asked me to do that. As a matter of fact, Her two male lovers don't even know we are in a D/S relationship. They just think we are in an "open marriage". But as Miss Beth says a million times, "Our a Dominate Woman wants to run Her household is up to Her". Kudos for you being so open and for Mistress L being so lovely. I cannot wait to hear what comes out of it!


    Mr. Beth

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