Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

For some people I suppose they make a big deal about Fathers Day. My kids wanted to get me a present and hugs and kisses which are always welcomed. But for me Fathers Day is trumped by, " Mistress' Day Every Day". So as I got up yesterday, I was careful not to wake my Wife. I got ready and went downstairs to prepare her breakfast and coffee. Kids were still sleeping so I had some time. In the past Mistress L would have said that due to Fathers Day, no work for her servant, which was completely born out of guilt. As I prepared the coffee, I noticed her note pad. On it was written " Tasks For Servant on Fathers Day". I became aroused! Even though it is my " Special Day", my adoring Wife realized her true nature was to have me cater to her and serve her. The list was not short. At the bottom of the list she informed me she was going shopping with some Gfs at them mall and to make sure there was enough money cleared on the AMEX card. As the house began to wake up my Wife came downstairs and gave me a kiss. She asked me if I saw my list. I replied in the affirmative. She told me make sure it all gets done and tht I would get a special treat later that night. My mind wondered what that could be. Therest of Fathers Day went smoothly. I did all my housework laundry washed her car and played with my kids. When Mistress L arrived home I carried in all of her shopping bags and made her some tea. She sat in the lounge chair and said how exhausted she was then laughed at me. She told me to come over to her kneel and remove her flip flops. As I did I instantly became hard. Her size 10 feet were so stinky and dirty. She smiled at me and simply said, "Lick Servant". I went to work. I looked at her lovingly cruel face and she said after I do one more thing, I can have the rest of the day off to watch sports. After her feet were cleaned her only other order was, " Servant I will be in Vegas for my Birthday for two nights with Craig. Book my flight and hotel now and make sure it is a suite"! I nodded my head in total obedience to my Queen Mistress Owner and loving Wife. The torture is exquisite. Servant hubby


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Father's...I mean Mistress Day!

    I look forward to reading more, Cheers!

    Mr. Beth

  2. Dear MB
    Thank you for posting . Yes I am full of gratitude when my Wife realizes and exerts her power over me. The thrill I get from cleaning her feet and being told she will be seeing her lover is exquisite .
    More to come later.

    Servant hubby

  3. Amazing! What an incredible relationship you have. I am very jealous. Hope she leaves you a nice long list of chores to do while she's in Vegas! OB.

  4. Dear OB
    She will leave me a very long list of chores while she is with Master Craig
    She enjoys knowing her commands have to be obeyed and she enjoys making me suffer while she relaxes. I will probably have to wash Master Craigs car for him while they Re in Vegas
    I love my life as a slave

    Servant hubby