Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Text From Mistress

Today while I was at the office my wife texted me that she was finding her new found Power a little uneasy at times. she asked me for patience and the proceeded to tell me that she called Mr C. I felt the bulge grow at once! I wS mixed with a little jealously but mainly an incredible urge to kiss her feet and ask her to give me more chores to do. But, I did not ask for more chores. Another text came from her about an hour later. It was was my list of chores fr the evening when I get home from work. It read as follows: Swifter all floors up stairs and down Vacuum all rugs Clean the kids bathrooms Do 2 loads of laundry Do dishes Massage Wife's feet for 30 minutes Well, I was astonished at how my Wife has just stepped into this dominant role. Now mind you, she does not bark orders or call me slave but she exerts her power well. And I find it incredibly sexy how comfortable she is with her being the Mistress and me being the slave. She feels perfectly fine to be with Mr C and have me humbly accept it. She then texted me that we will be having. Long talk tonight while I am massaging her feet. The discussion will be how our new lives will be S she sees Mr C on a more regular basis. I feel that my cage is coming back...... Servant hubby rob


  1. Hi, I just found your blog. Sounds like a cool marriage! Looking forward to hearing more.


    1. Thank you junior
      Yes we love our marriage . Some people may not understand it but it works for us. Like a lot of WLM it had ups and downs. See me wife was actually having an affair that I did not know about with Mr C. She therefore felt so guilty about me doing all the chores and taking orders from her. But when she told me about Mr C three weeks ago, everything changed. she realized that I was happy that she hS. Lover and then she really starting giving me orders like the servant I crave to be. Shenis bossy demanding and I adore it.
      Servant rob

  2. Sounds like everything is falling into place with your new FLR marriage. Look forward to reading more!


    Mr. Beth