Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Servant at heart

I have always felt like a servant towards my beautiful Wife. She finally gets this but not with her head but with her heart and soul. She finally could release the fact that she wants to have a lover and have me be her servant. She has no real desire to do house cleaning yard work errands. Intuitively she wants to have freedom to do what she wants and also have me to do all the chores . She feels like a Queen and a mistress so why not behave like one. She asked me today " So if I call Mr C and plan a weekend away and tell you that you are to do all of these chores while I am having fun, what would your response be?". I calmly told her while on my knees, " Yes Mistress I will obey completely and kiss your feet in gratitude. She just smiled. She told me she really wants to continue this relationship with Mr C but the new part is that she will and wants me to be her total servant. I am a very happy man. I feel lighter and more energetic. Am grateful tommy Wife and Mistress. She has finally realized her dominance over me. Servant hubby

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