Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fantasy Cuckold Story---- Mistress L cucks Her servant

It was a very typical Saturday: I woke up early to start my day of toiling for my beautiful Wife/Mistress and went downstairs quietly. I started doing dishes, laundry, and tending to the kids, who were hungry. After breakfast was made and several chores were done ,I heard the bell from upstairs. I sprang up the stairs, arrived at my Wife who was holding Her bell and I bowed to
her bare feet and waited for Her to speak. "Good morning my darling servile husband---i see you have started slaving away
for me?" I responded affirmatively and was eager to hear what my Queen and Owner had planned for the day. She told me rise from Her feet and to begin massaging Her feet while She reclined on the chaise couch. I immediately obeyed and began massaging Her feet . She then told me that She was going out with some girlfriends to spend the day shopping at Nordsroms,having lunch, getting pedicures and going to the spa. She said how She loved not having to work one bit and spending the money that Her slave husband makes. I was in heaven listening to Her and being at Her soles. She then told me while She was out I was to clean the whole house from top to bottom, do all floors by hand, run errands, wash Her car, finish all the laundry, prepare dinner and entertain the kids. This was pretty typical but then.......THE SURPRISE: my Wife informed me that She was going on a date tonight!! She said with a cruel smile," Oh by the way servant, while you are caged up in chastity and slaving for me I will be going out with Craig tonight and I will not be home until very late or even until early morning.hahahaha!". I was speechless. I just uttered, "yes Mistress as You wish. You are my Owner and i am grateful to be Your chattel." She said She loved that Craig could screw Her in so many positions and that he was so good at making Her cum. I struggled with jealousy but quickly remembered that i have no rights to be jealous. I am here for Her pleasure and to suffer for Her. She then told me I was to wait up for Her as she certainly would need Her dirty feet licked clean and She would be kind to me and allow me to eat a cream pie!!! I almost passes out. My wife Mistress was going to cuckold me. She then said," by the way honey. You will be locked in your device for 8 weeks with no release at all. But you will still have to clean my feet,ass,pussy,and all foot wear . Got it slave?" I got it alright and wow what an amazing woman i am married and enslaved to. As She ordered me to lick her feet, I was looking forward to Her having fun with
Craig while I slave away. I know there will be suffering and more to tell soon. I adore my Wife and Mistress........tbc

servant rob

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wife Wants to Step It Up

When i arrived home from work today at 2 PM. my Wife had the normal list of chores that would keep me busy for 8 hours and she had another item at the bottoms of the list. It simply read, "I will soon be taking a gorgeous male lover". I trembled when i read this. We have talked about this in the past but i didn't think it may materialize so soon. If my Wife/Mistress wants to take a lover, i have no choice or say in the matter. My only role is to bow to Her feet and agree. And to ask how i may humbly and obediently serve. On her way out with her GFs before i started my day of toiling, she told me we would talk later about this and my exact role. She has indicated that while another man fucks Her good that i will be at Her feet licking them. She also said that i will have to lick Her lover's bare feet and shoes too. Of course I will comply with this demand without question or hesitation. For i am just a lowly slave and my Wife is the Mistress, the superior, and the owner. I will type off for now as if I do not complete my tasks by 9 pm tonight, i will be the recipient of a sound 30 lash flogging. Not my cup of tea. I would rather have her smelly feet and listen to Her plans to have a lover.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Foot Worship

Mistress L loves a foot massage and a pedicure and she loves to have Her feet smelled and licked. She likes the practical aspect of having Her feet cleaned if the soles are filthy but She also enjoys how it feels and the sensation of the Owner and the slave. When you are licking a person's dirty foot soles, it is clear that you are their inferior and they rank high above you. At no other time am i more happy than when my Wife orders me to lick Her feet clean, especially if the soles are dirty and smelly. I love it and it is a treat for me. After I came home from work today, i completed all my house hold chores and while my wife was out at the jazz concert, I made Her a nice dinner and bought some pretty flowers. I also took the time to buy about a dozen new candles for the house and had them all lit when she arrived home. I like to make my Wife happy with all things and about all things. My biggest joy is to see Her happy and to work tirelessly for Her. When she arrived home, she noticed the clean house and the new candles. She was delighted. She had Her flip flops on and She said before She ate that I needed to clean Her flippies. She sat down, kicked up Her flip flops onto the foot rest and calmly said, " Love, you need to lick the bottoms perfectly clean immediately". She didn't need to tell me twice! I was on my knees lapping the soles of Her flip flops totally clean. She instructed me to be a good slave and swallow everything. She told me i need to be grateful for all She gives me. After about 20 minutes of licking, Her thongs were clean and I had only the tops to do. She went to go eat and i was left licking flip flops. As long as my Mistress is happy, then so am I. I adore worshipping Her feet. Are there other submissive men out there that love to lick dirty soles perfectly clean?? Tell me about it. Any questions?


Friday, July 9, 2010

List for servant

Clean all furniture with wood polish
Sweep vacuum and polish all wood floors by hand
Clean bath tubs toilets mirrors and floors by hand
Thoroughly clean kitchen including cabinets
Sweep deck and front porch area
Clean both kids' rooms
Lick clean 3 pairs if flip flops top and bottoms
Clean oven
Do all laundry
Change all beddings
Go to dry cleaners
Wash Mistress L's car
Prepare dinner
Clean windows
Oil Mistress' cane
Take kids to pool

That is the list that Mistress L e mailed to me while I was working today . She informed me she is going out to a hip bar restaurant tonight with two girlfriends . She hopes to meet some good looking men. While this is something that makes me a little jealous, it gives Mistress pleasure and I adore suffering for her. I know I will get to massage her feet and lick them clean tonight. I am still in my cage .

servant rob

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Long Day

Mistress L told me today how she adores me because I do so much work for her. See, by nature ,my Wife is demanding and likes things her way but she is not a cruel domineering woman. She is a kind demanding woman and I love that. I arrived home after a super busy day at the office and met her at the door with a bow to her feet as she was on her way out to the gym. She told me to prepare dinner, swift all the hard wood floors and do some laundry before she arrived back home. I gladly agreed and jumped to work. Getting orders from her especially while I have my CB 6000 on gives me so much pleasure. I have had my cage on for 4 days now with no release. Mistress L told me that if i am perfect for Her that maybe on the weekend. But of course, she releases 3 times a day. I love that so much. In my selfish mind, I crave cruelty and sadistic behaviour from Mistress L. I crave to suffer for Her. But in reality I also want a sweet domme Wife. I have Her and I am so grateful for Her. I do not have much time to blog and I apologize for not being more attentive but my Wife keeps me busy serving her and the kids and doing the tasks around the house so that she may relax and have an easier life. In fact it is more important that I perform my duties as my Wife's slave than blogging. Nevertheless, I do like telling the world that i am an obedient servile humble footlicking husband. My wife texted me that if i do everything well tonight, I may get to lick the bottoms of her feet and flip flops. Have a wonderful day all


The Foot Fetish

Suffice it to say I have always been drawn to the female foot. As a young boy I loved the female foot. Part of this comes from the fact that when at the feet of a person, you are professing their superiority over you . And that is why I bow to my wife at least 40 times a day. If she walks into a room, I abandon my tasks to run over, kneel and press my face to her feet and inhale deeply. If her soles are showing when I enter a room, I run to her, kneel and press my lips to her bare soles . One thing I have learned is that a superior woman like my wife appreciates respect from her servant when it is given with out reservation. Meaning even if my wife has dirty soles, I bow to her willingly and I will implore her to allow me to clean her barefeet with my tongue. She loves footlickings. I wonder if other wife Mistresses like footlickings. And if so, does it enhance the experience if the Mistresses feet are stinky and or dirty? Mistress L wears flip flops boots and barefeet most of the time and I adore the end result. Mistress L had an affair about 14 years ago....... I will tell you more of this later. What questions do you have?


Friday, July 2, 2010

New to WLR

Hello all. I am very new to this blogging stuff and fairly new to WLR. My Wife of over 16 years and i have decided to undertake and really embrace what has always been fairly natural in our relationship---my wife calling the shots. But we have escalated it to new heights. I work outside the home and am the money earner for our family and my wife is a stay at home mother. Our kids are young middle school and grade school so my wife spends most of her time with them during school times. Our arrangement is simple: I work to make the money, my wife dictates how it is spent and saved, she does NO housework, i do all the household chores, i ask my wife for permission to watch tv, to be on computer, to spend money, and i am in total servitude to Mistress L---my loving wife whom i utterly worship.

Recnetly Mistress L has decided to lock me up in a chastity device which i wear almost always now. I will post more about that at a later time. Suffice it to say, when i am in my cage, i feel like a total slave to my wife and my only intention is hard work for her and to make her life easier. I long to bow to her feet and to be a servile husband, knowing the whole time that she adores me, loves me, will care for me and will completely own me. Other topics that have come up recently bewteen Mistress L and myself are floggings( among other punishments), foot worship, boot and flip flop worship, her dating other men, and even toilet training. As I said our desire is great and our passion is even greater. We have been at this WLR for 6 months and it has been bliss. I love coming home from my 10 hour day to find my Wife with her feet kicked up and a list of chores for me to do. She has become much more comfortable with the idea that even though i work all day, that i should come home and work more for Her. I am enjoying this journey and i welcome any comments, advice or questions from you--the more experienced blogging community.