Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fantasy Cuckold Story---- Mistress L cucks Her servant

It was a very typical Saturday: I woke up early to start my day of toiling for my beautiful Wife/Mistress and went downstairs quietly. I started doing dishes, laundry, and tending to the kids, who were hungry. After breakfast was made and several chores were done ,I heard the bell from upstairs. I sprang up the stairs, arrived at my Wife who was holding Her bell and I bowed to
her bare feet and waited for Her to speak. "Good morning my darling servile husband---i see you have started slaving away
for me?" I responded affirmatively and was eager to hear what my Queen and Owner had planned for the day. She told me rise from Her feet and to begin massaging Her feet while She reclined on the chaise couch. I immediately obeyed and began massaging Her feet . She then told me that She was going out with some girlfriends to spend the day shopping at Nordsroms,having lunch, getting pedicures and going to the spa. She said how She loved not having to work one bit and spending the money that Her slave husband makes. I was in heaven listening to Her and being at Her soles. She then told me while She was out I was to clean the whole house from top to bottom, do all floors by hand, run errands, wash Her car, finish all the laundry, prepare dinner and entertain the kids. This was pretty typical but then.......THE SURPRISE: my Wife informed me that She was going on a date tonight!! She said with a cruel smile," Oh by the way servant, while you are caged up in chastity and slaving for me I will be going out with Craig tonight and I will not be home until very late or even until early morning.hahahaha!". I was speechless. I just uttered, "yes Mistress as You wish. You are my Owner and i am grateful to be Your chattel." She said She loved that Craig could screw Her in so many positions and that he was so good at making Her cum. I struggled with jealousy but quickly remembered that i have no rights to be jealous. I am here for Her pleasure and to suffer for Her. She then told me I was to wait up for Her as she certainly would need Her dirty feet licked clean and She would be kind to me and allow me to eat a cream pie!!! I almost passes out. My wife Mistress was going to cuckold me. She then said," by the way honey. You will be locked in your device for 8 weeks with no release at all. But you will still have to clean my feet,ass,pussy,and all foot wear . Got it slave?" I got it alright and wow what an amazing woman i am married and enslaved to. As She ordered me to lick her feet, I was looking forward to Her having fun with
Craig while I slave away. I know there will be suffering and more to tell soon. I adore my Wife and Mistress........tbc

servant rob


  1. I like your beautiful foots.

  2. Very good! Hope you update sometime. Best wishes!