Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Long Day

Mistress L told me today how she adores me because I do so much work for her. See, by nature ,my Wife is demanding and likes things her way but she is not a cruel domineering woman. She is a kind demanding woman and I love that. I arrived home after a super busy day at the office and met her at the door with a bow to her feet as she was on her way out to the gym. She told me to prepare dinner, swift all the hard wood floors and do some laundry before she arrived back home. I gladly agreed and jumped to work. Getting orders from her especially while I have my CB 6000 on gives me so much pleasure. I have had my cage on for 4 days now with no release. Mistress L told me that if i am perfect for Her that maybe on the weekend. But of course, she releases 3 times a day. I love that so much. In my selfish mind, I crave cruelty and sadistic behaviour from Mistress L. I crave to suffer for Her. But in reality I also want a sweet domme Wife. I have Her and I am so grateful for Her. I do not have much time to blog and I apologize for not being more attentive but my Wife keeps me busy serving her and the kids and doing the tasks around the house so that she may relax and have an easier life. In fact it is more important that I perform my duties as my Wife's slave than blogging. Nevertheless, I do like telling the world that i am an obedient servile humble footlicking husband. My wife texted me that if i do everything well tonight, I may get to lick the bottoms of her feet and flip flops. Have a wonderful day all


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