Friday, July 2, 2010

New to WLR

Hello all. I am very new to this blogging stuff and fairly new to WLR. My Wife of over 16 years and i have decided to undertake and really embrace what has always been fairly natural in our relationship---my wife calling the shots. But we have escalated it to new heights. I work outside the home and am the money earner for our family and my wife is a stay at home mother. Our kids are young middle school and grade school so my wife spends most of her time with them during school times. Our arrangement is simple: I work to make the money, my wife dictates how it is spent and saved, she does NO housework, i do all the household chores, i ask my wife for permission to watch tv, to be on computer, to spend money, and i am in total servitude to Mistress L---my loving wife whom i utterly worship.

Recnetly Mistress L has decided to lock me up in a chastity device which i wear almost always now. I will post more about that at a later time. Suffice it to say, when i am in my cage, i feel like a total slave to my wife and my only intention is hard work for her and to make her life easier. I long to bow to her feet and to be a servile husband, knowing the whole time that she adores me, loves me, will care for me and will completely own me. Other topics that have come up recently bewteen Mistress L and myself are floggings( among other punishments), foot worship, boot and flip flop worship, her dating other men, and even toilet training. As I said our desire is great and our passion is even greater. We have been at this WLR for 6 months and it has been bliss. I love coming home from my 10 hour day to find my Wife with her feet kicked up and a list of chores for me to do. She has become much more comfortable with the idea that even though i work all day, that i should come home and work more for Her. I am enjoying this journey and i welcome any comments, advice or questions from you--the more experienced blogging community.


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