Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Foot Fetish

Suffice it to say I have always been drawn to the female foot. As a young boy I loved the female foot. Part of this comes from the fact that when at the feet of a person, you are professing their superiority over you . And that is why I bow to my wife at least 40 times a day. If she walks into a room, I abandon my tasks to run over, kneel and press my face to her feet and inhale deeply. If her soles are showing when I enter a room, I run to her, kneel and press my lips to her bare soles . One thing I have learned is that a superior woman like my wife appreciates respect from her servant when it is given with out reservation. Meaning even if my wife has dirty soles, I bow to her willingly and I will implore her to allow me to clean her barefeet with my tongue. She loves footlickings. I wonder if other wife Mistresses like footlickings. And if so, does it enhance the experience if the Mistresses feet are stinky and or dirty? Mistress L wears flip flops boots and barefeet most of the time and I adore the end result. Mistress L had an affair about 14 years ago....... I will tell you more of this later. What questions do you have?


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