Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hiatus Is Over

Mistress L told me last week that despite her not working outside of the home and earning a paycheck, that she is no longer going to feel the guilt pangs that cause her to do an occasional load of laundry or washing the dishes. I was elated to hear this. In my mind it has always been my dream to be locked in chastity, go to work to earn a living ( which she then controls that money), then to come home to be handed a list of chores to be completed before night's end. My Wife shouldn't lift a finger to do any household chores. That is her servant's job. All the while my wife is on her laptop, chatting on the phone with feet kicked up and generally relaxing, not being bothered with subservient tasks that are clearly beneath her station. She flat out told me last week that she expects me to toil for her at work and then at home. She purchased this app from the Apple store called home chores. Wonderful app! It allows my wonderful Wife to make a list however exhaustive as she would like and then send it to my i phone. When I open it up, it lists all of my chores in great detail. Yesterday my Wife went to the Spa all day with her GFs and left me a list of over 50 items to be completed by the time she got home. She did arrive home at 11 pm. I greeted her, as she inspected the house. She was pleased. She told me because i had toiled all day for her, that i would be able to orally serve her to climax and then i could smell and lick her feet for her. She is too good to me!! All the while being caged. She then told me not to think of orgasm for myself---that would not be happening tonight. I obeyed as usual. As i knelt at Her barefeet while in my curve, I couldnt help but feeling over powering love for the Woman i worship. She fell asleep while i licked the soles of her feet clean for her. I love my Mistress Wife....

servant hubby