Friday, July 9, 2010

List for servant

Clean all furniture with wood polish
Sweep vacuum and polish all wood floors by hand
Clean bath tubs toilets mirrors and floors by hand
Thoroughly clean kitchen including cabinets
Sweep deck and front porch area
Clean both kids' rooms
Lick clean 3 pairs if flip flops top and bottoms
Clean oven
Do all laundry
Change all beddings
Go to dry cleaners
Wash Mistress L's car
Prepare dinner
Clean windows
Oil Mistress' cane
Take kids to pool

That is the list that Mistress L e mailed to me while I was working today . She informed me she is going out to a hip bar restaurant tonight with two girlfriends . She hopes to meet some good looking men. While this is something that makes me a little jealous, it gives Mistress pleasure and I adore suffering for her. I know I will get to massage her feet and lick them clean tonight. I am still in my cage .

servant rob


  1. I don't know how you could posssibly do all that in one night. Or is the idea to assure that you fail and earn punishment?

  2. Dear Lady Grey
    We have a fairly small place so I can finish all those chores. Also Fri are my early day at the office so I am home by 3 pm. It usually takes me about 8 hours to complete those tasks. In terms of punishment, I do not particularly like pain so I don't "fish" for it but if my tasks are not done, Mistress does not hesitate to flog me soundly.

  3. how do you deal with the jealousy of your mistress dating other men?

  4. I don't get too jealous and I just accept my place at her feet and at her lovers feet as he is my better as well