Friday, July 16, 2010

Wife Wants to Step It Up

When i arrived home from work today at 2 PM. my Wife had the normal list of chores that would keep me busy for 8 hours and she had another item at the bottoms of the list. It simply read, "I will soon be taking a gorgeous male lover". I trembled when i read this. We have talked about this in the past but i didn't think it may materialize so soon. If my Wife/Mistress wants to take a lover, i have no choice or say in the matter. My only role is to bow to Her feet and agree. And to ask how i may humbly and obediently serve. On her way out with her GFs before i started my day of toiling, she told me we would talk later about this and my exact role. She has indicated that while another man fucks Her good that i will be at Her feet licking them. She also said that i will have to lick Her lover's bare feet and shoes too. Of course I will comply with this demand without question or hesitation. For i am just a lowly slave and my Wife is the Mistress, the superior, and the owner. I will type off for now as if I do not complete my tasks by 9 pm tonight, i will be the recipient of a sound 30 lash flogging. Not my cup of tea. I would rather have her smelly feet and listen to Her plans to have a lover.


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