Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Blue Boyz

Mistress L came home last night at 10 PM All my chores were done and kids in bed . As she walked up the stairs, I kneeled before Her foot stool. She smiled at me at admired her spotless home with many burning candles. She sat down took off her heels and proped up are bare feet on the foot stool then just pointed at her feet and said " Lick slave". Again I just obeyed and starred lapping it up. They were so filthy and she managed to get them terribly stinky too. She laughed as I licked and swallowed all of her foot dirt. It is my place as her lowly servant to do this. She then leaned over and pulled a pair of mens size 12 dress shoes. " When you are done save with my filthy feet, you need to lick Craig's shoes tops and bottoms". "Yes Mistress". She said she had a wonderful day with Master Craig and that he could do things I could never dream of. I offered an apology but my wife just said, "keep licking servant". Mistress L then told me just for good measure, I was to keep my cage on for 60 days straight. I love my Wife Servant hubby


  1. Beautiful. What a life. I am very jealous and hope to be where you are eventually.

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