Monday, July 9, 2012

Pangs of Guilt Be Gone

As I was massaging Mistress' feet, she said at times she feels a little guilty having so much fun and making me toil so much. But then she smiled and told me she had an idea. She said that she needs to come up with many vile humiliating things for me to do so that she can feel even better about using me as her personal slave. I accepted this and she told me to come up with 15 specific things I could do for her that are completely humiliating and vile. I am to present this list to her in a weeks time. She came up with one to start me off. "When you are in need of punishment, I will have Craig administer the cane or the whip to you servant while I kick up my feet and laugh". Yes, that is very humiliating not to mention probably very painful. But I will take the punishment and then thank Master Craig for making me a better more obedient servant. I would love some feedback on the items I can present to my Wife. Any ideas? I will post my list soon. Servant hubby


  1. Try either a paddle, some rope or even duck tape works great particuarly if you have a hairy chest and they rip it off. Hurts like a mother bleeper and I shave my chest for my Wife.


    Mr. Beth

  2. Some degrading suggestions for you:
    Licking Master Craig’s feet
    Swallowing Master Craig’s spit
    Drinking Master Craig’s piss
    Being put in diapers by your wife while Master Craig watches
    Having to pee in your diapers, then sleep with them all night
    Asking Master Craig if he thinks 60 days of chastity is enough
    Sleeping in the guest room, reserving the right to the master bedroom for master Craig
    Your Wife handing over the CB keys to one of Her girlfriends. When it’s time for your release you have to visit her and ask her for the keys; telling her what they are for. Afterwards your Wife phones her to make sure you told her the truth.
    When you’re eventually allowed an orgasm, you must cum by fucking an inflatable sex doll while your Wife and Master Craig are watching, laughing at you and ridiculing your lack of sexual skills.
    Disgusting? Well, you asked for it.

  3. Thank you rite ate those are all great suggestions
    Some were on my list
    Here is my list
    1 Lick the bottoms of Master Craig's feet clean while he sits on a couch with my Wife
    2 Lick Master Craig's shoes and flip flops
    3 Be used as toilet paper for both Mistress and Master Craig after they use the toilet for shiting
    4Lick Mistress' Stinky feet while she fucks Master Craig
    5 Swallow Master Craig's semen
    6 Receive 50 cane strokes from Master Craig and thank him while my Wife watches and laughs
    7 Ask Mistress to please give the key to my CB 6000 to Master Craig since he is superior to me
    8 Clean Master Craig's large house Nd scrub his floors on hands and knees
    9 Book my Wife's reservations in Vegas for her meeting with Master and pay for it
    10 Tell my friends that don't know that my Wife owns me and so does Master Craig

    That is humiliating I hope She likes

    Servant hubby

  4. thats hot!!

    just a thought..what about letting your Masters take you for a walk in the woods on a pink leash while you crawl behind them?
    maybe you could lick dog shit of their shoes then if they accidentally stepped in some?

    hope you serve your Mistress and Master well


  5. Yes Master Craig told me I will have to lick dog shit off of his bare feet after he fucks my Wife. I will obey him

    Servant hubby

  6. Next time Master Craig visits, beg him to fuck you in the ass to make your Mistress laugh? If he finds that too disgusting, plead with him to at least fuck you with a large dildo for their amusement.

    Lay between the mattress and the bed whilst they fuck.

    Ask him if you can fluff him before he fucks your Mistress.

    Beg to be allowed to clean his cum out of your Mistress' pussy afterwards. Thank him profusely for giving you the honour of tasting a real man's cum and getting so close to your Mistress.

    Polish his shoes and wash and iron his clothes every time he visits. Wash and valet his car.

    Offer him a manicure.

    Beg that they both use you as their toilet.

    Always wear a buttplug and any other humiliating toys/clothing when he visits.

    Serve him drinks and food.

    Grovel. Crawl.

    Buy him presents for him to give to your Mistress.

    Pay for them to take trips away without you. Use this time alone to clean and organise everything they own. Thank them for the privilege.