Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wife in Oregon

My Wife is away this weekend in Oregon with Master Craig. He is at a conference there and so She wanted to take the chance to spend some extended time with her lover. So last week she ordered me to book her a flight and a room at the Hotel where he was to be working. Of course i was delighted to do this for my Mistress and owner. More and more she is becoming crueler and more demeaning. It makes me lover her even more. The more she treats me like a slave, i find myself wanting to love her more and serve her more. She texted me today about her flight info as she will be flying back tonight. She has made it very clear that i am to have all my chores done and that I will get nothing tonight except her stinky feet to lick clean. She also told me that she is thinking of giving the key to my CB 6000 to Master Craig. That would be awful in some ways and so humiliating. But as her lowly servant I simply thanked Her and will hope for the best. I do realize that Master Craig is my superior so it makes it easier in that respect. i Asked her today how long i will have my device on and she laughed and said that her nad Master Craig discussed it.......6 months!!!! I am astounded and humiliated and i feel so good!!!! She really treats me like dirt and have always wanted that. She is so gorgeous and all i deserve are her feet and ass to clean. I cant wait to see and serve her tonight. servant hubby

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  1. Man I hate what chocolate does to my face...ZIT grrr...atleast it in one area and not everywhere enjoy andrea sky
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