Monday, May 28, 2012

A long Affair

My Wife told me two days ago that she has been seeing an old work mate of hers from 15 years ago. She felt badly and guilty that she has been with him on and off for so long. Now, this was news to me. In fact we had done the fantasy of role play and such but this was dead real. She had tears in her eyes and said that she did not want to lose me. It then became so clear why it had been so hard for her to accept me fully being her servant, waiting on her hand and foot and being her servant. About 5 years ago, we played what I thought was a fantasy of her going to Vegas to be with her boyfriend. She actually went, stayed for 3 nights but all fantasy. While she was there she gave me a long list of chores to do and take care of the kids. Only it was not fantasy/ She told me that was one of the many times she was with Mr C. As she told me this, i was very surprised but the emotions that came up were gratitude, relief, happiness. And I wanted to get on my knees and kiss the soles of her feet and thank her. The last couple of days we have talked seriously about getting back into the Wife Led Marriage as now she could do it guilt free. She said she would enjoy kicking up her feet and having me do all the work around the house. I feel that this HUGE secret she has kept( that is open now) will now finally allow us to have the type of marriage I so desire with my Wife. I want to know while I am at the office working hard for her and my kids, that she is not lifting a finger in the house. And that when I come back from work she EXPECTS me to work more for her while she relaxes as a Mistress should. When I asked if her relationship would continue, she adamantly said no. But I feel that afrter 15 years of having sex with her BF that it will not end. But this time as it continues, She will know that while she is with him, I will be toiling for her and when she arrives home, I will humbly lick the dirt from the soles of her feet. Servant Hubby with a new lease

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